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Improve your relationship with your customers and increase your web traffic and conversions with our mailing service. Leave the commercial mailings and newsletters of your shop in our hands and enjoy the results of an effective strategy in your ecommerce.


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Why contract the Email Marketing Service?

Having an Email Marketing strategy is essential if you want to increase web traffic and sales in your ecommerce. Mailing is one of the most effective channels to reach a greater number of consumers and retain buyers of your business. Therefore, hiring the Email Marketing Service will help you to attract new potential customers and improve interaction with current ones.

Don't have time to manage the sending of campaigns to your customers? Don't know how to do it? Anyone can send an email to a customer, but the success of this type of digital campaigns is only possible with the help of experts who know how to implement an effective strategy following the objectives of your ecommerce.

When a customer hasn't had any contact with your brand for a long time, your business doesn't exist. So if you maintain regular communications with them, you will get them to remember you and increase the chances of being their trusted online shop when they need a product or service you offer. At we will take care of your relationship with your ecommerce customers so that you will be the number 1 shop in your field. Our team of experts will take care of everything!

By contracting the Email Marketing Service, you will be able to leave in the hands of Digital Marketing experts the creation of newsletter campaigns and promotional emails, the design of exclusive templates for your ecommerce, the creation and programming of mass mailings from your current sending platform, the management of your contact list and the auditing and analysis of your mailing statistics.

Is the Email Marketing Service permanent?

The Email Marketing Service does not have any type of permanence, so you can cancel it at any time. In addition, the costs of the maintenance service are completely free of charge.

Why contract the Email Marketing Service from

Hiring means leaving the sending of emails in the hands of online marketing experts. The team will work on the creation, design, management, programming and statistics analysis of your email marketing campaigns following strategies with the latest trends in mailing to achieve the best results in your online shop:

  • - Increase your brand's ecommerce web traffic.
  • - Improve the direct relationship with your customers immediately.
  • - Segment your contact list for personalised mailings.
  • - Increase the percentage of sales in your shop.
  • - Generate more searches and reinforce the brand image of your business.
  • - Be more visible to your potential customers.


What does the Email Marketing Service offer?

Mass mailings

Our experienced team will work on sending communications in a personalised and segmented way without changing your current delivery platform to boost activity and conversion in your online shop.

Professional designs

The Design department will take care of designing professional templates adapted to the mobile format that will capture the attention of your contact list and encourage them to click on your products.

Copywriting for newsletters

In this way, we will guarantee the writing of specialised and quality content to achieve CTA adequacy and an increase in CTR.

Campaign management

Email Marketing experts will create and manage the contracted campaigns to enhance customer communication and reinforce your brand image.

Recapturing inactive contacts

At we will carry out specific campaigns for customers who do not interact with your mailing, offering them exclusive content, promotions, etc. to encourage them to return to your ecommerce.

Obtaining statistics

We will work with the statistics of your campaigns. You will know first-hand what products your customers interact with, how many contacts open your emails and all the data to understand the consumer.

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Email Marketing Service


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