WordPress Maintenance Service

Our WordPress maintenance service takes care of your WordPress site. Forget about updates, improvements and security failures, our technicians and experienced WordPress programmers will take care of it.

WordPress Maintenance Service

Requires a minimum of 3 months
Why? Our goal is to improve and boost your online store to get more sales, so 3 months is the minimum time we need to study it and implement the most important changes.

70,00 €

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 3 (months)

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Tranquility, that is what you can expect from our WordPress maintenance service. You will only have to take care of what to write for your WordPress website, since we will manage all the technical side of it. Thanks to our technicians and programmers' 15 years' worth of experience working with WordPress, you will not have to worry about anything.

Our WordPress maintenance service consists of 2 hours of work devoted to your WordPress website, from updates, development, set up, modifications… to security updates intended to avoid any issues related to the loss of control over the website, spam implementation or identity theft. Once these 2 hours are up, you will be sent a notification via email, and you will be asked to choose whether you would like us to devote some extra hours to further work on the website, or whether you would prefer to postpone any further improvements or developments until the next termHowever, despite of your choice, our team will continue implementing any security updates, since your WordPress website’s security always comes first for us.

Maintenance work includes:

- 2 hours of technical service (updates included).

- WordPress updates.

- Plugins updates.

- Themes security updates.

- Web security check.

- Initial speed test.

- Disaster recovery.

- Speed optimization.

- System monitoring: we check your WordPress website 24/7.

- Doubts and help service available via telephone or email.

- Preferential treatment within the team’s work load.

- Unique price of 50€ for each extra hour of work once the initial maintenance work time is up.

- Image compression service that allows images to load 80% faster without reducing their quality (beta version).

Our clients will also have access to our client-exclusive Soy.es app where they will have access to all our services:

-Push notifications.

-Client data.

-Online access to receipts in PDF format.

-PageSpeed record.

-Direct contact with our support team.

Our app is available on App Store and Google Play.

Maintenance-related fees:

-Maintenance: 70€+VAT / each month.

-Extra hours: 50€+VAT / each hour.

Payment is to be done via direct debit on the 25th day of each month.

Registering and maintenance fees are to be paid before subscribing to our service. Extra hours that are not included within maintenance work are to be paid at the end of the month.

In order to register you into our service we need the following information:

-Hosting access data.

-WordPress administration panel access data.

-Contact person in case of an emergency.

-Billing details.

-Bank account details needed for direct debit payment.