Thanks to our personalized web design consulting you will get an online store to boost your business. Each of the websites and online stores we have created have been developed following the latest trends in UX/UI design and the necessary guidelines for search engine optimization.

Prestashop online store web design

Our web design and ecommerce design department has extensive experience along with great professionals, who will design a website to meet your expectations and your business, with which to stand out from your competitors.

If you are looking for an attractive, usable, simple and intuitive website for your users and visitors, our web designers of Soy.es can get it and develop it for you. Our web design service, together with our developers, is based on a 100% effective methodology with which to create and implement the best web solutions for online businesses like yours. In Soy.es we will design an online store or web 100% customized, with quality, which complies with international recommendations in terms of usability, which transmits at all times who you are and what your brand is.


How is the Web Design service at Soy.es?

Each and every web design and ecommerce store created in Soy.es is based on 4 fundamental pillars:

  • Professional Web Design: We design professional environments, adhering to the standards and requirements of Google. Our thought when designing is at all times in the end user, ie, your customers in order to make your online store the best to buy.
  • Web Design and Custom Programming: No matter the size of your project, in Soy.es we design custom web pages and customized for each client. We never make two pages alike, because no two clients are the same.
  • Creative Web Design: Usability is very important, but so is having an attractive and beautiful website where your customers feel like fish in water. Therefore, we design websites according to your brand image and your communication style and for this, we use the latest technologies in design and programming.
  • Optimized Web Design: None of this would be useful if we did not take into account the aspects of web optimization in major search engines. You know that, "if you do not appear in Google is that you do not exist". Therefore, in each of our web designs we apply the techniques and rules necessary to position in the first positions of Google easily and in a short time.


What are the advantages of the Soy.es web design service?

If you need more reasons to count on us to design your new website or online store, we have 4 that will interest you. Do you want to know them?

  • We design scalable web and online stores. This means that your online store will never be too small, whatever the size of your catalog, whatever the number of orders, customers and visitors you receive every day... Whenever you want and need it you can expand the functionality of your online store. As we are very foresighted and we know that you will be very successful with your online store, we make web designs in which to integrate various web applications to achieve greater dynamism and interactivity with your visitors.
  • All our website and online store designs are responsive. Did you know that 70% of online purchases made in the last year were made from mobile devices? This means that it is extremely important that your online store looks perfect and is accessible not only on computers, but also on cell phones, Tablet, Smartphone and any browser.
  • We design websites with a simple and intuitive information architecture and structure. We do not want your customers to get lost in your website or go crazy trying to find what they are looking for. Therefore, the simplicity in the design of the structure of your online store is vital so that, whatever the profile of your customers, navigate through your online store is easy for them.
  • Web designs in HTML5. In Soy.es we are always at the forefront and the latest in layout standards. Only in this way it is possible to get dynamic websites with the latest technologies on the market.


Do you need help in your web design or online store?

En Soy.es prestaremos toda la ayuda que necesitas, tanto si es la primera vez que creas una web o tienda online, como si ya tienes experiencia en ello. Nosotros haremos que el proceso sea de lo más sencillo, desde la concepción del diseño web hasta la ejecución final y puesta en marcha.

Our web design and development professionals will efficiently manage a 4-step process to get the website you have in mind:

  • 1st. Web analysis: we will establish a fluid communication with you to determine what will be the development model and web design. We will analyze all the aspects and details that define your project and we will implement a customized solution to meet your needs.
  • 2nd. Web design: we will determine the general design of your website or online store, through a web and information architecture that takes into account the users, your brand image, your voice and the contents you want to publish.
  • 3rd. Web development: with the results obtained in previous stages, our developers will start working to implement them and develop your website, using the latest and best technologies in programming and web layout. We will perform all the necessary tests and trials to ensure the complete success of your project.
  • 4th. Web delivery: after verifying that your website works properly and is completely secure, we will install it in a real environment and we will deliver it to you so you can start selling with it. In addition, we will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to be able to manage your own online store or website yourself from minute 1. We will also accompany you after the post-sale to make sure you achieve your goals.


What kind of web design do you need?

In Soy.es we offer you the best web design services: online stores, corporate and institutional websites, online catalogs, landing page and microsite... All the designs that we make in Soy.es are made to measure, being absolutely unique, personalized and oriented towards the objectives of your brand.

A good web design service is essential for your marketing strategy to work and we can provide it.

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