SEO Service

SEO maintenance for online stores: PrestaShop, Magento and others. The service is suitable for all those eCommerce which are not in the top position of Google. Increase your sales each month by receiving more organic traffic from Google due to the SEO optimization we do.


SEO Service

Why hire SEO Services?

If your online store is not reaching the first positions in Google, it is time to work on the SEO optimization of your ecommerce, with which you can increase sales on a monthly basis and receive more organic traffic. Hiring SEO services, will make your online store more competitive digitally, thanks to certain techniques carried out and developed by SEO experts with which to appear in the top positions of the major search engines.

Our SEO professionals will provide you with a personalized treatment, customized SEO strategies and SEO techniques tailored to your market niche and business needs. Our results are lasting in time. Thanks to our SEO services, your online store will gain quality traffic, with a real interest in the services you offer.

Does the SEO Service have permanence?

The SEO Maintenance Service does not have any type of permanence, so you can cancel it at any time. In addition, the costs of the maintenance service are totally free.

Who is SEO maintenance for Prestashop aimed at?

  • To all those online stores that do not reach the first pages of search engines for their main keywords.
  • To those stores whose main sales channels are paid, such as market place and SEM.
  • To those websites that may have been penalized by Google for duplicate content or inadequate link structure.
  • To all those online stores that follow a decreasing trend in sales and site visits.
  • Those who do not have enough time to promote themselves and dedicate to online marketing.
  • To online stores that have been on the Internet for a long time without getting the results they expected.

Why hire SEO Maintenance Service?

With our team of SEO experts, your online store will be in the best hands. We are a multidisciplinary agency with more than 15 years of experience in the SEO sector, which has achieved great success stories.

Thanks to our SEO services, your business will be much more visible and more relevant to search engines. Your investment will be very profitable, since it will improve your company's branding and qualified traffic.

What does the SEO Service offer?

Our monthly SEO services plan for Prestashop, WooCommerce, Magento... includes:

SEO Audit for Prestashop initial:

From the SEO department of, we will start the "Setup" of your web analyzing in detail your online store to determine aspects to improve related to the content on the site, the speed and usability of your online store, possible errors of content not found or duplicate URLs.

Our SEO experts will analyze your current link profile and social media presence, leaving you ready to know where you stand at the starting point of your monthly SEO services maintenance for your ecommerce.

Keyword and competition analysis:

Within our SEO services, we will carry out detailed reports of the keywords your online store is ranking for and the keywords your competitors are ranking for. Know where you rank relatively compared to competing online stores.

With our SEO services, we will analyze which keywords are interesting for your online store and are not currently positioned at the top of the search engines. You will be able to consult at any time reports for new categories or products you want to work with, so you will know if they are really searched on the internet and who is selling them.

On Page SEO Services:

After the "set-up" will begin the improvement implementation phase, in which our team of SEO experts will constantly review your site, updating the information of titles, descriptions, goals, the use of important SEO tags such as H1,H2... or the, internal link structure, tracking 404 errors or duplicate information in your URLs. We will advise you on the generation of product cards and categories, as well as the structure of the same. Everything to optimize your Prestashop online store. At this point, we will monitor your website, to ensure that we maintain at all times the SEO quality of your ecommerce. On a monthly basis we will share with you the evolution of these results, so you can check that our SEO strategy and SEO services are working.

Off Page SEO Services:

Known as "link building" strategy, we take care of generating the external links that your online store needs to position the most relevant keywords. We only generate quality links within the content of articles from prestigious and authoritative websites. The only strategy that will guarantee your long term success. The important thing is not to climb, but to stay on top.

SEO Service


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