Prestashop Store Maintenance Service

Could you imagine having your PrestaShop store always updated? Could you imagine having a group of experts helping you and improving your store? It's possible with our PrestaShop maintenance service!

Prestashop Store Maintenance Service

Requires a minimum of 3 months
Why? Our goal is to improve and boost your online store to get more sales, so 3 months is the minimum time we need to study it and implement the most important changes.

150,00 €

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 3 (months)

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From we want that you and our costumers only have to worry about the most important things: the sales and the treatment with customers. Any other thing related to your store shouldn't bother you, for that we have our PrestaShop store Maintenance Service.

PrestaShop store Maintenance Service is the way you will stop worrying about the configuration, development, layout or emergencies of your shop. We will do everything in order to keep your business online and working.

The maintenance includes 3 technical hours per month. This service includes everything: development, configuration, modifications... everything that fits in the 3 hours. After that we bill the hours. This maintenance includes:

- 3 technical hours.
- modules Packs during the maintenance period.
- System Monitor, we are looking after your website 24/7.
- We will bring you our help and we will solve your doubts by phone or email.
- Exclusive price of 50€ per hour once the limit is exceeded.

To sum up, the maintenance costs are:

- Maintenance 150€+VAT per month
- Extra-hour 50€+VAT per hour

The payment of the services are charge on your bank account monthly every 25th. The membership and cost of the maintenance service are charged in advance, and the following month we charge the extra hours not included in the maintenance service.

For the process we need:

- Billing data
- Bank account data
- Hosting access
- Access to the back office of the store
- Person in charge in case of emergency

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