Prestashop Store Maintenance Service

Could you imagine having your PrestaShop store always updated? Could you imagine having a group of experts helping you and improving your store? It's possible with our PrestaShop maintenance service!


PrestaShop store maintenance

From we want to ensure that you only worry about the most important thing: dealing with customers of your store and selling the product. All other technical tasks and configuration of your store should not be your problem. For this, we offer our PrestaShop store maintenance service.

Maintenance of Prestashop stores is the service by which you will forget about all the configuration, development, layout or emergencies of your PrestaShop store. We take care that your business is online and always working.

Maintenance includes a total of 3 hours of service per month. This service includes everything you need: development, configuration, modifications, design... Once the 3 hours are exceeded, and whenever you so decide, we can add extra hours that would be billed separately.

This maintenance includes these services:

  • - 3 hours of technical service.
  • - Pack of Modules during the contracting period.
  • - System monitor. We monitor your store 24 hours a day.
  • - Help and solution of doubts by phone or e-mail.
  • - Preferential attention in the work queue.
  • - Exclusive price of 60€ per additional hour, once the maintenance time has expired.

Our customers will also have access to our exclusive application for customers, where you can access all our services:

  • - Push Notifications.
  • - Customer data.
  • - Online invoices in PDF format.
  • - Order history.
  • - PageSpeed history.
  • - Payment and shipping history
  • - Direct contact with our support

The app is available for download on the AppStore and Google Play.

Google PlayApp Store

Costs associated with maintenance

PrestaShop Maintenance

150 € / monthly

VAT not included

Hire now

Payment for services is made by monthly direct debit on the 25th of each month. The registration and maintenance fee is paid in advance, and the cost of overtime not included in the maintenance fee is paid monthly in arrears.

In order to register the store in the service we need:

  • - Billing data.
  • - Bank account details for direct debit.
  • - Hosting access data.
  • - Access data to the store's BackOffice.
  • - Emergency contact person.

Why contract the PrestaShop Store Maintenance Service?

Contracting the PrestaShop Store Maintenance Service means leaving all the technical and configuration tasks of your online store in the hands of an expert team in eCommerce and with the confidence that they will always respond to all your doubts and emergencies. Our team consists of 18 PrestaShop experts who work daily to get the best results from your online store.

Our goal, as Prestashop experts, is to develop the full potential of your PrestaShop online store to achieve a significant increase in sales. To do this it is important to constantly monitor the website and keep it updated daily. The Prestashop maintenance service allows us to study your website, make improvements, analyze module compatibility and always with the knowledge of a team of expert programmers in PrestaShop.

Does the PrestaShop Store Maintenance Service have permanence?

PrestaShop Maintenance Service has no permanence, so you can cancel it at any time. In addition, the costs of the maintenance service are completely free.

Initially a 3 month contract is required, as this is the minimum time we need to study your online store in depth and implement the most important changes. If you wish, you can contract Prestashop services by clicking on the button "hire".

What does the PrestaShop Store Maintenance Service offer?

  • - A team of PrestaShop experts with more than 200 projects under their belts.
  • - Designers specialized in PrestaShop.
  • - Programmers with specialized technical training in PrestaShop.
  • - UX and UI experts who create the best user experience.
  • - Improvements in themes and development of custom modules for prestashop.
  • - Improved overall performance of your website.
  • - A multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in PrestaShop.
  • - Daily support on PrestaShop usage doubts. In our team we have trainers of the official PrestaShop course in Alicante.
  • - Monitoring of your online store that allows us to have it always under control.
  • - All our free modules for PrestaShop.

Why hire PrestaShop Store Maintenance Service from

Contracting PrestaShop services means leaving your online store in the hands of a PrestaShop agency, which has more than 15 years in the elite of eCommerce and has been part of great success stories of online stores, which have exceeded all sales records. Currently more than 150 online stores rely on our PrestaShop maintenance service and the results are more than visible.

With our PrestaShop maintenance service we will implement improvements in your website and always applying the latest technologies.

We are PrestaShop certified agency and we have the PrestaShop Partner Platinum Seal, which marks us as one of the best PrestaShop agencies in the industry. This position allows us to be the first to know about the most important news and changes that occur in PrestaShop, so we always have the advantage of being one step ahead.

At we care about achieving the highest volume of online sales of our customers, and that is what has led us to become one of the eCommerce agencies of reference in the world.

Do you want your online store to be the next one to exceed expectations and become a benchmark? Contract our PrestaShop Store Maintenance Service!

Prestashop Store Maintenance Service

Requires a minimum of 3 months
Why? Our goal is to improve and boost your online store so that it achieves more sales, so 3 months is the minimum time we need so that we can study it thoroughly and implement the most important changes.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 3.

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