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1StepCheckout Module for PrestaShop

PrestaShop Module to pay in just one step. Your clients will be able to do their purchases in just one page, where they will fill all the data and select the delivery method they want. When they click the confirmation button, the order will be completed.

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PrestaShop 1.5 PrestaShop 1.6

Data sheet

All 1.5 and 1.6 versions
PrestaShop 1.5
PrestaShop 1.6

Module description

The biggest issue with the eCommerce is when you have to pay and the amount of steps we have in some stores: first the cart, then the identification, the delivery page, the payment page, the confirmation page and the summary page...

With 1StepCheckout everything will be done in just one page, without bothering the client or having many steps before buying. Some shops have increased their conversion by 30% with just this module.

The module allows a vertical configuration and can be integrated in nearly all themes*; it has an specific mode for the most difficult ones.

Some features of the latest versions

Blocking of the payment and shipment methods until the costumer is logged in (optional)

If you sell to other countries, the shipment methods and the payment methods could be different. Until the costumer doesn't fill his country and state, we don't know what information we need to show. In order to avoid this, we can hide the shipment and payment methods until we know the location of the costumer.

Customized logo for the payment methods from the module

Some payment method have a logo which is not suitable. If you want to change it, it can be done from easily from the configuration panel. It is compatible for most of the payment methods.

Adaption to LOPD

If you want, you can show a checkbox to accept the general conditions before paying.

Confirmation of the payment in a pop-up (optional)

It allows you to avoid the confirmation page, instead of it, a pop-up is displayed.

Isolated design

Some PrestaShop themes can modify how the module is shown. This option allows the activation of an specific design which is isolated from the theme so it is displayed properly.

Summary step before paying (optional)

With this option a summary page of the order is shown, then the whole process continues.

Responsive Design

If your shop has a responsive design, the module will behave correctly.

Disallow hooks (hooks)

Some modules can bother your client by showing certain information in the paying process. With this option, this won't happen again.


Changing the colors of the cart has never been easier. You can adapt the module to your web page easily.

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