Dedicated Server

With our dedicated managed server you will be able to have configurations that are not offered in a shared hosting, multiple IPs with the same hosting (perfect for multi stores), web performance and tailored cache, many SSL in a multi store... all your needs will be solve by our system admins.

Dedicated Server

300,00 €

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We provide you with the best dedicated server for PrestaShop and 100% optimized. This will guarantee the stability, the loading speed and the security of your web. With our dedicated server you will be able to talk with our system admins directly, without any intermediary.

We don't have to limit our growth, with our dedicated server you will have monitoring 24/7, many versions of PHP (from PHP 5.3 to PHP 7.2). You will be able to grow and scale when you need it: more RAM, more processor, more hard disk space... we can scale to fill your needs. It is located in one of the best datacentres in Europe with an anti DDOS attacks and daily backups.

The migration and installation to our dedicated server is free. You can pay it month by month without risks or stay period.

Our server features:
- 64 GB RAM
- XEON 3,02Ghz
- 512GB SSD.
- Unlimited bandwith
- 4 IPs
- Baifox control panel

Everything can be updated and configured. If you need a more specific configuration, call us.