Official Ground DHL Annual License module for Magento

Official Ground DHL module for Magento. You will be able to generate your deliveries and labels by just clicking a button, without filling order slips or DHL documents. Everything is automated in your Magento store.

If you are going to buy this module, you may contact DHL because it only works with B2B..

Official Ground DHL Annual License module for Magento

129,90 €

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The yearly license of the Official Ground DHL module for Magento allows you to have the latest technology for delivering modules for Magento. Also you have the guarantee and security that always will be updated and working.

We have achieve that all your daily order are processed with just one click. All the DHL deliveries generate their label and order slip for DHL. It is a huge time saving if you compare it with the handmade way of doing it. It will only takes 5 seconds!

- You can process the deliveries one by one or by groups.
- All is automated, you don't need to write anything.
- Tracking of the delivery from the back office of Magento and the client's area.
- Self-creation of order slips.
- Multi store.

Works with Magento 1.9.

Data sheet

CompatibilityMagento 1.9
Magento 1.9Yes