Order notes for PrestaShop

Module that allow us to save internal notes and send emails in relation to a specific order. Make your team is in constant communication and stay updated on what has been done with that order, report incidents, improve communication, etc. In the order administration section you can send an email or an internal note that will be stored in a history on the order page itself.

Order notes for PrestaShop

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Our "Order notes" module allows you to generate comments in the administration panel of each of the orders of your store, and also provides the possibility of sending this note to the team members by email. Increase control of your orders. Keep your employees informed of everything they need to know about that order. Keep your team in constant communication, several departments can be in permanent contact and just by accessing the order they can see the entire history of annotations made by the team in that same order. Send emails automatically, select who you want to communicate with, send the note and this will generate an email with your message.

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PrestaShop 1.6Yes
PrestaShop 1.7Yes