Valuations module for PrestaShop

With this module, your costumers will be able to evaluate many aspects of the products they have already bought in your shop. Besides, it will help your web to have a better position by giving to Google the valuations via Rich Snippets.

Valuations module for PrestaShop

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Other valuations modules just allow the valuation and a comment. However our module goes a bit more further. The valuation measures many other aspects besides the product, the client can evaluate the delivery, the customer service... all of these options can be configured in your control panel. At the end it could be three aspects and the main valuation.

When a costumer receives a product (the order must be marked as "delivered"), he can evaluate the product on his account panel. In addition, if you want, an email will be sent to your customer, as a reminder to evaluate your product. Also you can configure the module for receiving an email every time a product is evaluated.

When a product has valuations, they will be displayed at the product page. If there are a lot of them, the will be shown with their pagination. The configuration can be configured in the back office, for example, you can limit the valuations to 4 per page, so in order to read the following 4 you have to press the "Next" button. That way valuations are something that can help your product and take up the space you want.

The module is ready for Google. This means that the valuations are collected by Google and showed with the Rich Snippets technology in the product page, product list or the index. That way will help us to have a better position on the Internet and our products can reach to a lot more people.

In case you have an offensive valuation or it is not about the product, you can erase it from the back office.

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CompatibilityAll 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 versions
PrestaShop 1.5Yes
PrestaShop 1.6Yes

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