Responsive Slider Module Pro

With the Responsive Slider Pro module you will be able to have an image slider in your home page which can easily be customized and also is compatible with 3 different resolutions: mobiles, tablets, and desktop.

Responsive Slider Module Pro

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Our Responsive Slider Pro module allows you to display in your home page an image slider which will be changing depending on the screen resolution, allowing you to adapt your home page style to the screen size being used by your clients.

The module has the following features:

1. Automatic slide change. You will be able to change the transition speed between slides, or if you want to pause it while your customer is moving the mouse over the slide or if you want an infinite loop. There are plenty of options!

2. Customize how and what is seen on the slider. You will be able to select if you want or how you want to display the slides’ subtitle, display or not the scroll arrows, and change the sliders’ aspect ratio independently of the uploaded images.

3. One slide, many images. For each slide, you can upload 3 images: one for desktop, one for tablet, and one for mobile. The slide will be automatically changed depending on the screen size.

4. Customize your slides. Add text to display it over the image, or link your slide to another part of your store where you want to grant visibility, or change you slides order, or disable and able them as you prefer.

5. Subtle change from one resolution to another, mantaining good performance. When changing from one resolution to another or when loading the images on the store, the customers won’t notice anything at all, and this will be made in a way that your web performance is not affected: even existing 3 different images for slide, only 1 image is loading for each resolution and slide.

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CompatibilityTodas las versiones PrestaShop 1.7
PrestaShop 1.7Yes